Insta Pro Apk Download V10.75 (Instagram Pro Latest Version)

Do you want Additional features on  Instagram? If so, then we have the best medium to overcome this need of yours. Download Insta Pro Apk, also known as  Insta Pro ♕, it is an all-in-one management platform for Instagram.

Insta Pro Apk

What is Instagram Pro and its Use?

Insta Pro  (also known as Instagram Pro) is a special version of Instagram with a lot of useful features like anonymously watching stories, editing software, tracking followers, and a server to download photos, video files, and many more. This app is developed by an independent apk developer named as SamMods. Hence, it has many features that make using Instagram more comfortable, enjoyable, and private.

Like the Instagram Followers pro apk Insta Up Apk, Insta Pro also helps you grow your original audience on Instagram and engage with followers more effectively. Insta Pro is a pro version of the original Instagram App. It allows users to download Instagram reels, posts, and stories and has a lot more exciting features.

The normal version of Instagram is available to mobile phones as well as website users, but Insta Pro  users are limited to mobile phones. The latest version of Insta Pro download apk allows users to have a lot of beneficial features, both in terms of privacy and entertainment. In short, it can also be called Instagram mod apk. This apk offers features such as Triple Tap for Downloading media, Viewing the List of Unfollowed accounts, Not showing you the variety of sponsored ads, Enlarging photos effortlessly just by simply long pressing on the photo, etc.

Insta Pro Latest Version

The latest version of Install Pro has many upgrades that allow the user to run multiple accounts at the same time easily. It comes with many cool features that even the latest version of the original Instagram app has failed to provide. It allows you to share images in full resolution, directly saves IGTV videos, saves stories and media, comes with a built-in lock, and is ad-free.

Insta Pro Apk

Insta Pro Apk Download V10.75

Download the InstagramPro also known as Insta Pro ♕, it is an all-in-one management platform for the Instagram. Like Insta Up Apk, it helps you to grow your original audience on Instagram, and engage with followers more effectively. Insta Pro is a pro version of the original Instagram App. It allows users to download Instagram reels & posts and stories and have a lot more of exciting features.

  • Auto Skip Stories
  • Extend Insta stories upto 60 sec
  • Different font styles
  • Increase your Stories Quality
  • Close ads

Features of Insta Followers Pro Apk

The latest update of Insta Pro Apk offers you a great number of features. These features will make your Instagram scrolling experience top-notch. There, we review a few Mind Blowing features of Instagram Pro app:

  • Hide Stories
  • Mark message as unread
  • Put on live ghost modes
  • Hide typing Status in DMs
  • Hide Analytics
  • Hide Online Status
  • Airplane Mode
  • Status Download
  • Auto Reply
  • Media Sharing
  • Enhance the Size of Photos with a Long Press
  • Obtain Multimedia Content By Triple Tap
  • Mask the Visibility of Stories Seen
  • Select different colours for chat backgrounds
  • Set your image as Wallpapers
  • Hide translator
  • Native App Protection Lock
  • Check Unfollowing Activity
  • Play reels/feed automatically
  • Start video directly with sound
  • Auto play Stories
  • Auto Play Stories with sound
  • Auto Skip Stories
  • Extend Your Insta tories up-to 60 seconds
  • Different font styles
  • Different themes
  • Increase your Stories Quality
  • Disable Stories
  • Remove your liked posts on Feed
  • Close ads
  • Turn off suggested posts
  • Remove video posts
  • Enable Download Notification
  • Set Pin Code
  • Put Chat Lock
  • Set Pin Code time out
  • Different types of icons for Insta Pro Apk Download Latest Version

Best features of the Instagram Pro Apk

The latest update of Instagram Pro mod apk download comes with features that will take your Instagram scrolling experience to the next level. There, we review a few top-notch features of gb Instagram Pro:

1. Downloading Capabilities of Insta Pro

As we know very well, Instagram does not allow users to download captivating photos, videos fil, es, etc. The users had to go to a different website and copy-paste the link to download it, which was quite inconvenient. Instagram Pro, by keeping your discomfort in mind, has evolved into a free and easy download service. 

2. Ad-Free Experience with Insta Pro

Ads during our daily scrolling are a source of discomfort while using Instagram. Insta Pro gives you an ad-free experience. Say goodbye to all those annoying ads right now.

3. Advanced Customization Options with Insta Pro

Insta Pro gives users the great advantage of customizing their Instagram. From changing fonts, themes, and backgrounds to changing the overall layout of the Instagram homepage, Instagram Pro gives its users a unique availability of freedom and personalization.

4. Enhanced Privacy Settings by Insta Pro

In the present world of social media, privacy is paramount. Instagram Pro takes privacy issues very seriously, allowing users to decide who views their stories and content, creating a safer environment, and making you more confident in sharing your happy moments with your chosen ones.

Insta Pro

5. In-Built Story and Audio Downloading

The process of downloading is so much easier with the help of Instagram Pro. It downloads your favorite stories and audio with great ease, which normal Instagram users envy. It saves your stories directly into your devices with audio intact.

6. Dual Instagram Account Support

For those who want to manage professional and private accounts side by side, Insta Pro is very convenient. It makes it easy to shift between accounts, giving a seamless interaction between all your accounts.

7. High-Quality Image Uploads

With Insta Pro, you can upload your favorite photos with high quality. Insta Pro takes the quality of its services seriously. Leave it on Insta Pro to change your low-quality, boring pictures ino high-quality, eye-catching pictures.

8. Improved Message Encryption

The regular version of Instagram does not take your privacy and digital security seriously. In contrast, ISTA Pro takes a step forward from just saving your data to encrypting your messages as well. It creates a safe society for its users to feel comfortable in sending and receiving messages.

9. Extended Video Duration

The normal version of Instagram has time limitations, making users unable to share bigger content like travel vlogs and larger videos. Insta Pro  frees you from that limitation, allowing its users to post longer videos with great ease.

10. Anti-Ban Feature

Account suspension is another discomfort that Insta Pro has solved for us. This application allows you to use Instagram freely without worrying about anything like copyright claims, community guidelines, or account suspension, as these not only damage a professional account’s health but are also the biggest blow to your social image.

11. Customizable Feed

To enhance their overall Instagram experience, Insta Pro allows its user to customize their feed by arranging their preferred content in a sequence. In this way, the user sees content that matters the most and avoids unreasonable distractions. It also asks whether the user is interested in a certain content or not.

12. Real-Time Notification Management

With Insta pro latest version, users can customize their notification services. It ensures that the user gets the necessary notification and avoids unwanted entanglement. In this way, you can stay in control of your preferences and prioritize what is important.

Insta Pro

13. One-Tap Translation

Another important feature of Instagram Pro is to break the language barrier by providing its one-tap translation service. In this way, it makes it easier for you to connect with your global traffic and know their sayings about your content and business. It also enables meaningful interactions among traffic from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

14. Safe and Secure

Social security and safety are among the biggest concerns of social media users. One that very few of the platforms provide. With its encrypting messages and anonymous viewer features, Instagram Pro makes itself one of these save platforms. Also, the APK version of the app is completely safe for your mobile phone devices.

15. IGTV Download

IGTV is one of the most recent features of Instagram, allowing users to watch Instagram videos on a bigger screen like a TV. Insta Pro 2 has taken this to the next level and introduced IGTV Downloader. It allows the users to not only watch but also download desired videos.

16. High Definition Graphics (HD Graphics)

Instagram Pro’s latest update introduced a variety of new filters and graphics. It is a dream come true for editors as they now do not have to use a third-party editor application. This makes editing more convenient by allowing a lot of compelling backgrounds and graphics. It also elevates your pictures up to 4k.

Application NameInsta Pro Apk
Size84.5 MB
AbilityRemoved restrictions, added features
OSAndroid 5.0+
Updated10 April 2024
Downloads Total10,000,000+

Insta Pro download

Insta Pro 2 Apk’s latest version is available for download here. You can download it for free and get the best features while scrolling through Instagram. Download the apk file without any security risk and install it into your Android devices. After downloading from the Download Button mentioned above, install the apk file on your device. You can Install it for free and start your social journey on Instagram.

How to Download Insta Pro

To Download the Insta Pro APK file, you need to follow the following 5 steps:

1st Step: Search or locate the Chrome browser on your Android cell phone. It is available on almost every Android device. After locating it, Open the Chrome browser on your Android device.


2nd Step: After Opening the Google Chrome browser, Tap on the search bar and type You will be redirected to our site. It is the most trusted site for downloading these apk files. We have researched it and then suggested it to you. So there is no need to hesitate. You can trust us.

3rd Step: After reaching our site, you can get knowledge about Insta Up and Insta Pro apk. Every single detail about both of these apps is mentioned for you.


4th Step: After Reading the desired announcement, click on the top left toggle bar of the page, and the navigation sidebar will open in front of you. Go wherever you want from here. To download the apk file, click on the “Download InstaUp.”

After that, scroll down a little, and the Download Button of Insta Pro will appear right in front of you.

5th Step: Click on the Download Insta Pro v10.75 Button, and your Download process will start automatically, and that is it. Now, there is nothing you should do. All you have to do is wait for a while. An apk file of 84.5 MB will be downloaded onto your Android device.

InstaUp Apk

Insta Pro Features

FeatureInsta ProInstagram
DND Mode
Calls Disable
File Sending Limit999MB100MB
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Status Length255139
Auto Message
Bulk Message
Online Status
Custom Font
Security Lock
Icon Change

How to install InstaPro on Android?

To install Instagram Pro download, you need not to worry. It is just a simple click process. Instagram Pro download apk is like other apps available on Google, and its installation process is the same as theirs. First, you need to get the installation file for Insta Pro. For that, click on the Download Insta Pro 2 button, and you will be redirected to the Download page of our website.

After that, Again click on the Insta Pro 2 Apk download Button, and your Installation apk file will start downloading onto your Android phone. After that, go to the device settings and allow permission to install unknown sources. Then tap on the install button, and your apk will start setting Up on your Android device.

As the Insta Pro 2 Apk is only available on third-party sites, it requires only the manual installation process to install it on your Android phone.

Steps to Install Instagram Pro Apk

To Install the Insta Pro Apk file, you need to follow the following steps:

1st Step: Locate the downloaded apk file into your Android device. The best step is to go to the Android file managed and Internal shared Storage > Download > instaPro_v10_75.apk

Else, you can go to the Chrome Downloads section and find the apk file you have downloaded from the website.

Insta Pro Apk
Insta Pro Apk

2nd Step: Tap on the apk file after finding it. Click on the Install Button and allow it. It asks you for Permission.

3rd Step: After allowing the Permission, wait while the installation process is being completed. It may take some time, so hold consistency. Do not rush up. After a while, your Installation process will be completed.

Congrats! You can use Instagram Pro apk download now.

Insta Pro
Insta Pro

4th Step: After finishing the installation process, click on the open button and open the Instagram Pro apk.

Now, you need to log in or sign up here. The process is pretty simple, like the original Instagram app.

To sign up on Insta Pro app download

  • Click on sign up
  • Click on create new account
  • Choose Username which suits you. Get thousands of Username Suggestions from Bio Suggestions.
  • Create a strong password which must contain 6 or more characters
  • Add your phone number or gmail and then click on signup
  • You will receive otp on your phone number or gmail. Verify it
  • Upload your Profile Picture
  • Select Name
  • You are done with your profile

Login Instagram Pro by following these steps:

  • Click on the Login Button
  • Give details about your Username or Email
  • Fill your password
  • Click on Login
  • You are done

5th Step: After logging in, the feed page of the Insta Pro 2 apk appears here. Enjoy using the brand-new Instagram Features. This makes your scrolling experience smooth.

Insta Pro Apk

InstaPro apk download On iPhone

Unfortunately, our apk Insta Pro mod apk is not currently available on iPhone or iPad. It is only available for Android devices.

How to Update Instagram Pro

Updating InstaPro is a simple process. Open the InstaUp Website and Go to the Downloads section of our website.

Here, you will always find the latest versions of InstaPro. Once you locate the latest version, download it onto your Android phone. Then, install it by repeating the steps mentioned above.

As InstaPro is not available on the Play Store, you must keep checking this website to make sure you have the original Insta Pro apk. In this way, you can make sure that you are using only the latest version of the Insta followers Pro.

Benefits of Insta Pro Apk

The InstaPro apk latest version download provides you with the best experience so that users can be pleased. You will not find these sorts of features in any other app. Instapro apk latest version provides you following benefits:


  • Hide Online Status
  • Airplane Mode
  • Status Download
  • Auto Reply
  • Media Sharing
  • Enhance the Size of Photos with a Long Press
  • Obtain Multimedia Content By Triple Tap
  • Mask the Visibility of Stories Seen
  • Native App Protection Lock
  • Check Unfollowing Activity
  • Simple to use
insta pro

Problems and solutions of Insta Pro 2 APK

Now, we will discuss the Problems that users face while using the InstaPro2 Apk. Users face many problems while downloading and installing the Insta Pro ♕. Here are some problems and their solutions:

  • App Does not work sometimes.
  • Analytics crashes.
  • Downloading of posts and reels is slow.
  • Always hangs the android phone.
  • The app does not respond sometimes.
  • The app do not open sometimes.
  • Causing several errors.

If there appears to be any problem with the InstaPro, please uninstall the apk and reinstall it. Check for the latest version and always keep the version up to date on your Android device. For that, visit often our website and check for the latest updates. If the problem is still not resolved, contact us at any time. We will be waiting for you.

Pros and Cons of Insta Pro 2 APK

The Pros and Cons of the InstaPro 2 app are:

  • Anonymously viewing stories is one of the biggest perks of Instagram followers Pro.
  • You can manage your followers from the account’s main page.
  • Insta Pro mod apk download has a built-in downloader, reducing the need for a third-party downloader.
  • You can personalize your profile according to your needs.
  • You can even copy comments and captions by installing Pro.
  • You can also use multiple hashtags.
  • Anyone on your feed can view comments.
  • Likes and comments numbers can easily be known.
  • You can post a story and show it to only a select few.
  • You can also archive some of your posts.
  • Comments and captions can be highlighted as well.
  • It offers more privacy than the regular Instagram version.
  • It can customize your feed to your preferences.
  • It has a safe lock as well.
  • Insta followers Pro download is not from an official website. Hence, there is a small security risk.
  • It is a third-party apk and can not be found on the Google Play Store.
  • The website can be slower than the original version of Instagram.
  • The website version of this apk is not very convenient, keeping the user limited to downloading the apk.
  • Your data is not very secure.
  • Data can not be saved. Thus, there is a risk of encryption.


Before starting with the InstaPro APK latest Update, some queries and their answers are mentioned below. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers about this application.

InstaPro or Instagram Pro is an advanced version of Instagram that offers some additional premium features for Instagramming.

Yes, the latest version is completely safe to use and can provide services worldwide.

Yes, the apk is completely free of cost and does not charge for its services.

InstaPro apk has anti-ban features. So you do not have to worry about getting banned.

No, this is a third-party apk and can not be downloaded from the Play Store.

Yes, InstaPro2 has a built-in download service, which is very useful.

Insta Pro old version do not have such features for story downloading. However, in the latest version, Insta Pro V10.75, you can easily download stories with just a simple click.

Unfortunately, InstaPro app download is only available for Android devices and not for iOS devices.

InstaPro latest version has many specialized features like the anonymous viewer, single-click translation, high-quality photos, and an app lock, which is not present on Instagram.

Yes, InstaPro can be used alongside regular Instagram.


As we know, regular versions do not have these features and do not provide so many services. However, users want to stay updated. Thus, the Instapro app has taken over and provided the much-needed upgrades for users to stay a step ahead of the rest of the regular world.

Instapro download is dedicated to providing its user’s safety as well as entertainment, which sets it apart.

Insta Pro

Instapro app is a worldwide launched project that connects millions of people globally. With an ever-growing number of increasing users, Instapro latest version has been a successful and satisfactory project, both for users and developers. Instapro apk is a significant contribution to the world of social media craze and popularity. As Instapro 2 is the ultimate Instagram management program, it is used by millions of business profiles and influencers as well to increase and manage their vast traffic.

There are many competitors of Insta Pro in the market, but what makes it special is its dedication to providing harmony of different services at the same time in the best possible interest of its users. Download Instapro apk, as it is a useful platform for a global audience who wants to upgrade their normal regular Instagram to the next level and want security as well. By mastering the features provided by Instapro, you can elevate your social media profile to the next level.

If you are also one of these people, we suggest you InstaPro Download from this page.

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